Shop Equipment Package

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Shop Equipment Package

Complete Body Shop Equipment Package!



Quality products from the following manufactures that are all PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA!

Staraliner, Colmet, Castair, Unitec and Moclamp.


Paint Booth

A Colmet 26’ Elite Series Heated Modified Downdraft Paint Booth.

With spray and bake cycle and digital control panel.


Frame Rack

Star A Liner 18’ Two Tower Cheetah Frame Machine

Four Pinch Weld Clamps

Tow Round or Square Towers

Tower Chains

Overhead Pull


Air Compressor

Castair 10 Horsepower 120 Gallon Compressor



Moclamp Mo-Pro Gauge Package

Includes a Universal Tram Gauge

Strut Tower Alignment Gauge

Deluxe Centerline Gauge


Shop Accessories

RakJak 2-Ton Triple Bag Air Jack


Tool Board A                                                                                       

0100 B
0205 Dyna-mo C
0200 C
0405 Dyna-mo W
0305 Dyna-mo Jr.
1650 Double Eye Chain Hook
1900 Quick Hook
1100 Handy Link
1250 Panel Puller
1200 Twin Pull
6400 Deep Hook Set
4150 Double Looper
3030 Mo Hook (4ea)
2400 Mo #3MA
3110 Sm Round Nose Metal Hook
3130 Large Flat Nose
3120 Small Round Nose

3140 Lg Round Nose Metal Hook
6210 3/8" Grab Hook
9020003 Unibody Clamp Bar
7634048 Many Hole Bar
6300 Nylon Sling
6350 Cable Sling


Tool Board B

 5 - Pulling Chains (4,6,8,10,12 ft.)
2 - Wheel Stands
2 - Display Boards 2 X 4
1 - Winch
1 - Down Pull
1 - Low Pull
1 - Body Lift
1 - Overhead Pull