Sharpe 6760 Dryaire Dessicant Air Filter System

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Sharpe 6760  Dryaire Dessicant Air Filter System

* The Dryaire system is the painter's insurance for removing water, dirt, and oil from compressed air lines.

* Approved for paint company warranty programs when applying today's state-of-the-art refinishing materials.

* Easy to change out desiccant when sight-glass indicates red (replacement desiccant gel Sharpe 6765-1)

* Stage 1 Filter: 5 Micron with auto drain

* Stage 2 Coalescer: Removes oil particles down to .01 Micron, with auto drain

* Stage 3 Desiccant Dryer: Reduces air humidity for ultra-dry, moisture free air. 100% indicating silica gel provides maximum absorption. 30 CFM capacity

* Air regulator with gauge and air chock/shut-off included

* Mounting bracket and shut-off valve(inlet) included