Rak Jak by Unitec 6.8" to 18" Lift

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Rak Jak by Unitec 6.8" to 18" Lift


  • * Jack Pad: Adjustable top swivels 360º for easy grab of vehicle weld.
  • * Air Spring: The convoluted air springs have actually been used for many years as shock absorbers under trucks, buses and heavy equipment. Subject to tremendous loads, these springs cycle hundreds of thousands of times with no maintenance and proven reliability.
  • * Internal Stabilizer: At the center of the action is the internal stabilizing system, machined telescoping steel members provide both vertical and lateral stability, yet still allow flexibility during the lifting arc.
  • * Balanced Handles: Placed at Rak Jak’s center provide perfect balance for easy transport.
  • * Finish: Powder coating, zinc plating and chrome plating and the use of aluminum and brass are all part of Unitec’s design to provide the best quality products.
  • * Pressure Relief Valve: Designed to prevent accidental over-inflation, the valve is factory set at the inflation limit of the air bag, thus taking the worry our of possible misuse.
  • * Air Valve: Precision machining, all brass components, Teflon seals, and positive air lock design insure many years of trouble-free use and the ultimate feather control.
  • * Warranty: Rak Jak’s limited warranty is for a full two years form the date of purchase.
  • Capacity: 2 Tons
  • Relaxed Height: 6.82”
  • Full Extension: 18”
  • Air Pressure: 105 PSI
  • Wight: 41 lbs.
  • Limited Warranty: 2 years