HO-6000-P Curing System

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HO-6000-P Curing System

HO-6000-P Curing SystemConcentrated power when and where you need it!The Infratech HO-6000-P is a new product designed primarily as a low cost system for prototype work, maintenance, and short run powder coating. It is a medium wave, high-output portable infrared heater that requires virtually no installation when used as a portable system. It is full capable of curing powder on parts many times it's own size and weight. By simply moving it along as the powder cures, it can cure very large parts.Two or more of the HO-6000-P units can also increase the efficiency of any curing process using a conveyor and a continuous corridor gas convection oven for product finishing. By preheating parts before entering the powder booth and/or pre-gelling the parts before they enter the convection oven, the curing process begins more quickly and effectively. This means that overall curing time is reduced, productivity is increased, and product quality is improved.There are many other uses for the HO-6000-P. Curing Teflon coatings or any high temperature coating. Preheating cast iron before welding. Melting snow and ice. Thawing frozen valves. Heating plastic and laminates for forming or molding. Preheating the molds for fiberglass and carbon fiber products and curing the resins.Assortments of add-on controls give you the ability to control the intensity, the "on" time, and even the surface temperature of your parts. There is a control just right for your specific application.Infratech is the international leader in full-range infrared technology. We use a practical approach in applying our infrared, thoroughly satisfying your process requirements. Infratech provides infinitely adjustable electric infrared for accurate and uniform product heating.

The HO-6000-P System

* Cure Powder

* Cure Teflon

* Cure Carbon Fiber

* Short Cure Times

* Form Plastics

* Cure Adhesives

* Melt Snow And Ice

* Maintenance Work

* 6000 Watts

* 240 Volts

* Portable

* Industrial Quality

* Low Cost

* Switch And Cord Included

* Rotates Horizontal Or Vertical

* Adjustable To Over 6 Feet High