Castair 5 HP Industrial Air Compressor Horizontal Tank

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Castair 5 HP Industrial Air Compressor Horizontal Tank

5 HP Two Stage Air Compressor

80 Gallon Horizontal

22 CFM @ 0 PSI

17.5 CFM @ 100PSI

L64" X W20" X H48?

230 Volt Single Phase Power

Weight 600 Pounds

Includes Motor Starter

Air Compressor Pumps

  •    All Cast Iron for long life and quiet operation.
  •    Tapered roller bearings at both ends of crankshaft for less friction.
  •    Precision steel connecting rods have automotive type superior support rod insert bearings at crankshaft & needle bearings at wrist pin C1 & C2.
  •    Disc & spring valves for high efficiency and reliability C1 & C2.
  •    Slow RPM from 510 to 830 for quiet operation and long life.
  •    Centrifugal unloader for load less start-up every time C1, C2 & C44.
  •    Automotive paper type intake filter/silencer to provide maximum filtration.
  •    Positive "Ring Flow"..    Easy to read sight glass to insure proper oil level at a glance.
  •   Head unloaders C34, C44. All Gas units, etc.


Air Compressor Tanks
Powder Coated ASME air compressor tanks & safety valves with 4 legs on vertical/channel on horizontal.
  Metal belt guard totally enclosed.

  Copper discharge & bleeder tube.

Air Compressor Motors
 Heavy-duty industrial frames. Motors slow 1725 RPM with full 15% service factor or more.

Air Compressor Controls
  Quality name brand pressure switch.
  Magnetic Starter (Optional)

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